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What Happens When You Eat In Front Of Your Computer

Posted: 17 September, 2016 at 01:53 pm
What Happens When You Eat In Front Of Your Computer
What Happens When You Eat In Front Of Your Computer Photo 1

[image from authoritynutrition.com]

In today's world, almost everyone is busy, especially in the IT field. People like programmers, graphic designers, bloggers will even prefer shifting their meal time to nights if possible. They prefer working during the day and eating their 3-square meals at night. (Smiles)... But am here to tell you not eating at all or sparing enough time to eat meals are doing some fucks in your health.

Imagine when a computer geek is having bundle of assignments to be done in 24 hrs time, he's having a little time for each assignment, he needs to eat so that he can get those works done firmly. He found himself already in front of the computer with his fingers matching against his keyboard by 6:00am in the morning, he completes just one of the assignments by 8:00am, wanted to approach the second one when he found out he hasn't fed his stomach. He would rather prefer dragging his food tray towards his computer desk so that he can use even his left hand to push the food and the right one to drag his mouse, strike either the Enter or Shift sometimes when needed.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that people who ate their midday meals while on the computer ended up eating more than those who had not. In one way, we can say this can help us in terms of helping us consume enough food in order to improve our healthy life, but on the other way, eating in front of computer will make you give less concentration to your intake, which maybe leading you astray when it comes to healthy leaving.


9jaspot Health concludes that you should always try to spare little time, completely leaving your current work — for eating, leaving out even 20 minutes to step away from your desk and grab a bite to eat will potentially do wonders to your health. Food is good as you can do any work effectively without it

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Well said. - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
Olumorokun Isreal
I love anything that has to do with web,internet an so on......


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