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Nigerians react after photo of Gov. Wike’s “Special” handshake surfaces

Buhari's Government Is Better Than Jonathan's?

In Pollsters 22 Reasons, leave one
Buharis Government Is Better Than Jonathans?

Buhari's Government Is Better Than Jonathan's?

Yes Or No?
    Poll Results
Count: Yes: 2110 No: 2648
Percentage: Yes: 44% No: 56%
Reasons: 22

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22 Reasons

Give a reason why for choosing your option...Is all everywhere nothing much too say it in Jonathan period things are more better than now, so the truth have to be told.thanks - danielfrancis9476@gmail.com
Because he eradicate boko haram, find jobs for Nigerian youth & doing his best now to eradicate bribe & corruption. - abdulhakeemlawalharodaura6@gmail.com
Corruption and Boko Haram, has been minimise. Unlike during Jonathan which stealing is not Corruption and Boko Haram was plotted to destroy the North politically as a means of divides and rule. - Youmtansunday@gmail.com
job opportunity, security and d return of nigeria to it glory. - terhemen007@naij.com
job opportunity, security and d return of nigeria to it glory. - terhemen007@naij.com
Too much change and poor economy and he always traveling out like in this month may .... - Iceeshakon@gmail.com
Give a reason why for choosing your option... - www.9jasport@email.com
Economic Diversification, Security and fight against corruption - yahhumar@gmail.com
You support BUHARI because u dont know that Nigeria is "Rule" by migrant who migrated to Northern part of the country in the 18thC and being wiser than the traditional rulers took over power from them till today we are ruled by foreigners thats why when Jonathan took over power as a president faces strong oppostion.Since he loose to his Opponent have you heard of terrorist?Northerners holds presidentship in NIGERIA where are the native sons? - 09020201097
Am jobless i need a job am an o,level student help out of recession hungry dey for nigeria the government should look into it - Michaelmas22@yahoo.com
Buhari government is better because during jonthan share the money bomber blast everyday an he refuse to fight corruption - Michaelmas22@yahoo.com
because during the Jonathan's government people will be killed by boko haram and milltry under his state emagancy in Borno Yobe and Adamawa. - 08029564594
bcos of ongoing economic recession. - 08122020457
no, he fools us wit unfulfill campaign promises - 09028381551
yes, bcos cr7 is a gret hozla, bt messi demand 4 dead goal - 08148093675
Give a reason why for choosing your option... - mustapharunka@gmail.com
Buhari's government is better than that of jonathan with the following reasons. (1)During jonathan's time corruption was the order of the day. (2)During jonathan's tenure there was vaccum in the aspect of security. (3)During jonathan's tenure opposition party receives smaller allocations. (4)During jonathan's tenure the welfare of the military were not taking care off, in order words military were not giving suffisicated weapons to fight the insurgency. - Horsfall@gmail.com
It is not because in johnathan's government,things were not hard like this. - Marshall@gmail.com
Ronaldo can play better than messi: apart from the goal achievements he also ave beaute in play a match because Ronald ave won so many cup's to he's own club nd then to his nation - sangoladeodunayo6@gmail.com
Security is available in buhari's rigime while Jonathan's rigime security is on available - adamuabgw@gmail.com
Buhari is not a thief! He is God sent to the country... - info@feedtonic.com
Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Poll Results

Count: Yes: 1989 No: 1618
Percentage: Yes: 55% No: 45%
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