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Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

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Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Yes Or No?
    Poll Results
Count: Yes: 2885 No: 3147
Percentage: Yes: 48% No: 52%
Reasons: 35

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35 Reasons

Messi and cr7 dey ar all gud,stop comparing messi and ronaldo,messi is talented free gift 4rm GOD ronaldo is talented through is hardworking I am do dis DAT wat he base on,no comparing stop - Fuwado99@gmail.com
Messi Plays Better Than Ronaldo Does No Matter What. - yquoi91@gmail.com
messi is more of a team player than ronaldo - tabugbo10@gmail.com
Give a reason why for choosing your option...messi because he gives more assist than ronaldo - ikechiwisdom240@gmail.com
As for me, i love Ronaldo than Messi, but Messi is a born footballer while Ronaldo worked on himself... - ajisolaibukun3030@gmail.com
ronaldo is the lord of football - lopezmontan@gmail.com
Ronaldo is gud, Messi is Gud too, but the fact is that Ronaldo is the King no matter what Messi will do. Fuck Messi and his fans - enduranceedet6@gmail.com
I love messi on one condition because is so faster than cr7 on goal score - nickjohnpaul55 @ E-mail.come
If Messi knows that he's good let him go and play for another club not Barcelona. - gashionsamson@gmail.com
messi love u lyk it's nobody business - chairmo135@gmail.com
ronaldo will be the best in this and lifeafter - @dammylahray
cr7 not a player to me!!!!! - jd3621475@gmail.com
If messi is really a footballer and proud of his self,then he should play the premier league,let see - Abubakarmuhammadyahuya@gmail.com
Messi messi messi fuck messi Cr7๐Ÿ‘ the greatest of all time who is these messi don't compare 1:He set out his record for most goals in laliga(messi's hide out) in a little no of games.โšฝ๐ŸƒCr7 greatest of all time ever. - halamen@outlook.com
do u people knw d meaning of cr7 it means "Crazy Rat" dat seven means he is seven times loyal to messi. - chairmo135@gmail.com
Cr7 he have played with different football team have more experience than messi so no doubt about that. - Ajinapaul@yahoo.com
Cr7 is better than messi one he have play different team as footballer. - Ajinapaul@yahoo.com
Because i love the wall he play - Ikyerj@gmail.com
Yes CR7 Is A Utility Player While Messi Is Just A Finisher . - mshehutasiu@naij.com
He is a man of skill,he doesnt rush to ball - samueladeyemi936@gmail.com
c ronaldo has a better march for football more than messi. - Boyfwendpedroline@gmail.com
C. Ronaldo have gotten more experience than Messi... He doesn't dribble a lot these days... He knows how to set up a team.... He is incredible..... - afamprincekante@gmail.com
CR7 is a skillful player of exceptional talent, once on the ball he knows what to do with it.Unlike Messi who doesn't struggle for ball but only wait for finishing. Is that a player? Ronaldo has played for so many clubs and won laurels but Messi only payed for Barcelona.Ronaldo is skillful, tactical,play maker,entertainer and above all a coach in the field. - juigboke@gmail.com
Ronaldo has broken many world record and even created new ones but messi none Messi was in LA liga before ronaldo cane but ronaldo is d alltime highest goal scorer in LA liga - Vgodwin26@gmail.com
Give a reason why for choosing your option...because Ronaldo is skillful And his fast in running and he don't like forming - Emmanuel dimaro@gmail.com
Ronaldo is a FIFA son and the best in the world - Iceeshakon@gmail.com
Ronaldo is better than messi all the way he has great kick, good header, talented dribbler, he also has accurate pass all more than messi - hammedrauf313@gmail.com
Give a reason why for choosing your option...why is because messi have more skil down c ronado - 08056334361
Messi is better than ronaldo because he is a SUPER STAR,not that he just loose the 2016 Ballon'd but any time i see him for his club i will be hopeful that he is going to Score a Goal - Eze@gmail.com
To me Messi is better and more skillful than Ronaldo, because if you look closely at their matches Messi's own looks like a gift from God that is why he is not fading, while that of Ronaldo's is acquired. But with total confidence i support the motion that said Messi is Better than Ronaldo. - Horsfall@gmail.com
Ronaldo is a skillfull player he has skills than messi,what messi knows how to do is run he is not a topical south american if you see the likes of ronaldo de lima,neymer,ronaldiho,Pele,maradona etc those are tipical south Americans they do more of drimbling than running messi is just selfish not that he is a bad player oh but he is not the best. - fredojese@ gmail.com
Ronaldo is a skillful player more than messi what messi knows how to do is run messi is not a topical south american if you see the likes of ronaldo de Lima,neymer,ronaldinho,maradona,pele,Gabrieljesus those are topical south americans they do more of drimbling and less of running. ronaldo has lot of skills, I did not say messi is bad but he is not the best at all - edugrantus @gmail .com
Messi Is A Good Player He Know How To Score,assist And He's Not Selfish Like Ronaldo - olayiwolahabeeb37@gmail.com
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